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Ophtalmology Centre of the Algarve

Welcome to Centro de Oftalmologia do Algarve.

We have a wide range of services for you, which you can consult on this site. Get to know our center through the photographs we present you. The "Centro de Oftalmologia do Algarve" is located in Faro (by the Faro Court). We provide information that can be very useful, from address, map of the center, and also descriptions of all our services.
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Ophthalmology Appointments



  • Optic Nerve Tomography
  • Biometrics / Ultrasound
  • Topography of the Cornea
  • Retinography
  • Specular Microscopy
  • Computerized Campimetry (Visual Fields)
  • OCT


  • Diabetes Laser Therapy
  • Glaucoma Laser Therapy
  • Refractive Laser Therapy
  • Retinal Laser Therapy
  • Yag Laser Therapy


  • Cataracts
  • Refractive Surgery (Myopia, Astigmatism and Hyperopia)
  • Pterygium
  • Chalazion
Dr. Eduardo Lares

Dr. Eduardo Lares

Medical Ophthalmologist